Online Container Rental / Service Agreement

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Roll Off Service Agreement

Container Fee:

10 cubic yard is $300.00 with 1-1/2 ton weight limit
15 cubic yard is $330.00 with 2 ton weight limit
20 cubic yard is $360.00 with 2-1/2 ton weight limit

Basic fee above includes roll off box delivery and retrieval, in addition to rent for 7 days usage. An overweight fee of $68.50 per ton will apply to all container loads that exceed the above weight specified limits. Weight limit overage charges will be charged to customer’s credit/debit card and a copy of the dump ticket will be provided.

Terms and Conditions

Container fee will be pre-paid by customer prior to roll off box delivery. Customer agrees to pay all additional charges prior to roll off dumpster being retrieved. The following additional charges may apply.

$75.00 for relocation of dumpster to 2nd location
$75.00 for return trip when unable to retrieve roll off box
$10.00 additional rent for each day past the initial 7 day period

The roll off box must be loaded evenly so that the weight is equally distributed. In addition, no part of the load can hang over the sides of the box or exceed the top of the box. Boxes are required to be covered with a tarp upon retrieval. If roll off box is improperly loaded, a return trip fee will be assessed and customer will be required to unload all excess debris and reload roll off box correctly to allow for safe transport. In addition, all waste and materials placed in the roll off container must not contain any unacceptable, hazardous or toxic waste. The following items are prohibited: YARD WASTE, LIQUID PAINT, STAINS, TIRES, CAR BATTERIES, LIQUIDS, ASBESTOS, CONCRETE, SHINGLES, APPLIANCES AND ELECTRONICS.

Customer accepts sole responsibility for care and custody of the roll off box. Customer will be charged for any damage to roll off box incurred while on the customer’s property.

Damage Waiver

Dumpster Concepts/Have Clutter shall not be held responsible for damage to customer’s pavement or other surfaces caused by roll off box placement or retrieval. This includes any damage to driveways, utilities, property, lawns, fences, trees or shrubbery. In addition, customer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Dumpster Concepts LLC from and against any and all claims for the loss of or damage to property, or injury or death of persons resulting from or arising in any manner out of customer’s use, placement or possession of equipment furnished under this agreement and pay all costs and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by Dumpster Concepts LLC in connection with such claims. Dumpster Concepts LLC shall not be liable for failure to perform any service due to contingencies beyond reasonable control including but not limited to weather and equipment breakdowns. Further, the homeowner hereby releases Dumpster Concepts LLC, it’s employees, agents and all persons acting with the permission or upon authority of them from any liability related to the delivery and retrieval of any roll off box at customer’s address.300